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For centuries, people have been consuming foods and natural products to improve brainpower and neural functioning. The possibility of enhancing cognitive functioning is certainly hard to ignore. For that reason, scientists and medical researchers have been studying the various ways to help a brain reach its full potential for many years.

With major advancements in technology since days gone by, today, researchers have a more in-depth understanding of the brain and its functioning. With this knowledge, scientists in the medical field were able to come up with specially formulated supplements that enhance various functions of the brain known as nootropics or “smart drugs”.

In simple terms, what these substances do is target specific areas of the brain that are responsible for alertness, focus, memory, learning, mental focus, mood, etc. All these cognitive processes can be increased by different nootropics to help an individual excel in their work or studies and function better throughout their day.

Are Smart Drugs Safe?

best memory pillsUnlike many other cognitive enhancers, most nootropics can be taken without a prescription as they are extremely low in toxicity. The few smart drugs that are classified as prescription drugs are more powerful and hence, must be taken in dosages as prescribed by a physician for safe use.

Nootropics have very mild side effects or none at all. However, this can vary from person to person so it is advisable to see a doctor if you experience any severe pain, nausea or disorientation after taking a supplement. In general, smart drugs are safe and highly beneficial in increasing brain activity and cognitive functions.

Most users of nootropics do not complain of any side effects when taking smart drugs and often take a combination of nootropics for further benefits. Many studies show that the mixing of nootropics are safe and do indeed create a more synergistic effect on the brain’s functionality.

How Do They Work?

To know how nootropics work, you first have to understand how your brain works. The functioning of a human brain, including physical and mental processes, is owed to chemical signals and reactions. The communication between neurons is basically chemical messages being sent back and forth. Everything from being relaxed and stressed to recollecting and storing information takes places because of these messages.

In order for chemical reactions to occur, there are particular substances that feed your brain. These substances are created from your body’s hormones or by the foods we eat. Nootropics basically mimic substances and target various areas of the brain to enhance its functioning. Smart drugs produce and regulate neurochemicals to increase and improve brain activity.

Nootropics also work in a way that maintains neural health as we get older. Any choline-based nootropic can reduce aging signs by slowing down the decline or dying of neurochemicals and preventing degenerative disorders. The increase or production neurotransmitters also helps one adapt to changes that come with age.