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Build relationship through community networks

Shared networks are central components and building blocks of any relationship which helps in building a profit/non-profit community buildings. These community buildings definitely help in developing profit/non-profit corporations which are seriously committed in transforming and implementing social, economical as well as physical landscapes of the community in the society.

These so called networks are a great way of engaging people from various communities and cities to come together as a common group to work on a single well determined goal and participate in wide varieties of positive activities. Continue reading

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Living green with rethinking the cities!

Rethinking Cities rethinkingcities.org! Is a new venture to build a city center where we try to bring Professionals from various fields like Agriculture, Healthcare, energy, Manufacturing, etc., to work together as a single committee all in a single location.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy all the amenities in the same central location? The more convenience we get, the more easy it is to get the work done faster.

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Choose eco tourism and celebrate the green travel experience

Saving your environment and preserving natural sources and forest life is exactly what you call eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is growing so rapidly in the tourism industry. Eco-Travel is a great catch for people loving travel, nature and recreational activities.

Eco-travel and tourism is mainly concerned about preserving the diverse, cultural and natural environment of mother earth. The main goal of eco-tourism is to entertain as many visitors as possible and in every possible way that is very minimally interfering and least destructive to the environment.

This tourism is completely location dependent. The more natural the location is, the more easy it is to get engrossed deeper into the nature and cultural bondage. The sole responsibility of the travelers and tourism agents is the need of the hour.

Advantages of eco-tourism

Eco-travel and tourism encourages the local economy to be very diverse, for this reason the income we get out of tourism is very essential in counting towards the green revolution.

Tourists  help local producers and service providers to compete with larger market and sometimes even foreign companies. Government will use the funds collected from eco-tourism for training programs and conservation purposes.

Reduces adverse effects of any external programs on the nature, it also enhances cultural integrity of people. This promotes recycling, energy efficiency, reusing water and create multiple economic activities.

Eco-tourism encourages new ways to live by focusing on adventures, cultures, personal growth, etc. Eco-travel and tourism helps to boost cultural integrity amongst the local community. Make a positive impact on the environment as much as possible and sustain the mass population and preserve wild life, other flora and fauna. It is a key to ever cherishing development of the ecology.

Green Laws

These laws are making people realize how man can co-live with the environment for longer time thus maximizing economic, social, environmental benefits of tourism. Everyone is the stakeholder in the process, this creates a responsibility among each and every tourist.

Principles of Eco-tourism

  • Finance is major concern at times, it is the responsibility of any Government or forest authorities to collect money and use it for training and try to conserve the environment
  • Visitors and host should provide positive experience
  • Minimize the impact
  • Promote awareness amongst people about the local culture and environment
  • Human and labor rights are being promoted


  • All bio degradable litter such as bags, plastic, bottles, etc must be disposed safely
  • Maintain sanity of tourist places
  • Stop noise pollution
  • Take photos, but always respect people’s privacy
  • Always respect


  • Do not destroy flora and fauna
  • Do not pollute by using cigarettes
  • Do not cut wood
  • Don’t consume aerated drinks, drugs, alcohol, etc

Rules to be followed during eco-travel

  • Make a thorough research before you travel.
  • Support local business and small scare industries during your travel
  • Follow the guideline signals such as put the trash in the trash can by segregating recycled, glass, or garbage in their respective trash cans.

Build new empty spaces with chainsaws

Being a resident of this world it is our job to brighten up the environment with greenery and everything that benefits the human-life. It would be appropriate to state that it is the responsibility of every human to keep this world clean and away from all the injurious materials that we see over the streets and so on.

Do you feel responsible for building new empty spaces with the most heavily equipped items in the world? The chainsaw is probably the only instrument that helps you to clean all the unwanted mock from the streets and your backyard ensuring some new empty spaces to grow greenery and much more.

There have been various technological advancements in the manufacturing of this outdoor item as it provides you a platform to cut off all the old-styled trees and tree branches so you can bring in various other spaces to embellish your beautiful world with greenery and a healthy environment all around.

The average price of an extremely reliable chainsaw is around $200 depending on the quality and the brand you have chosen to purchase from. Even the foresters and people who provide wood-cutting solutions have begun liking the fact that chainsaws are much more effective than any other machines available in the markets. It is because with ample amount of time you have the knowledge to run this machine in full swing following up your outdoor activities and much more. The chainsaws are widely used in the forests where constructors and other workers use them to cut off all the unwanted items and so on.

How to evaluate the best chainsaw?

You need to understand the importance of purchasing a remarkable chainsaw as it helps you in building new empty spaces within the environment. Suppose if there’s any old-styled tree that has been blocking the scenario of your house for quite a while now, what would you do? The top chainsaw is going to take a sum of 30 minutes to take it off from the standing and dump it to the garbage.

Electric and Gas Chainsaw:

The electric chainsaw is an advanced outdoor activity tool that helps you in cutting off soft wood from the backyard and as well as from other spots of your environment. It is cheaper in terms of price and has the tendency to work for prolonged hours in the forests. The electric chainsaw is usually 11-inch long and has a kick-start button as well.

Likewise, the gas-chainsaw is a great type of chainsaw however; it is equipped with a much more powerful mechanism than the electric one. The gas-chainsaw is usually used by the foresters and those who are professional in providing wood-cutting solutions. There are various sizes and brands available when it comes to purchasing a gas-chainsaw and even a machine with a 20-inch bat can be purchased now from the markets.

Find a reliable chainsaw and become a part of neutralizing your environment with greenery and pollution-free materials. Help the world and spread the word.

Learning new ways to make healthy ice cream and desserts

Health plays an important role in everybody’s life and it is our responsibility to keep up with the healthiest food around the clock. It does not matter if it’s an entree or the dessert, as long as you are choosing healthy ways to make it, it is best for any human being.

Since the technology has literally went over the moon and it has given us various ways to make items at home that are far more tastier and healthier compared with what we might get from the markets. It would be appropriate to state that machines work for the betterment of the people changing their life-style and giving them an improved sensation on overall basis.

The best ice cream makers are now available with tons of new features that are going to get your head over heels when it comes to making an ice-cream. There are various brands that have started working with full diligence in order to deliver the highly advanced machines in the markets now and that too in mere amount of money.

What’s an ice cream maker?

An ice-cream maker is one of the most successful creations of the 21st century that enables the user to make all sorts of ice-cream flavors and turn it down to the freezing point where you can have the most scrumptiously made desserts within some hours. These machines are compact-sized and it is easier to move them from one place to another.

What’s its glamour?

The most interesting part behind purchasing an ice-cream maker is its cost effectiveness. Suppose, there’s an ice-cream parlor within the town that charges $10 for a scoop of your favorite ice-cream flavor and maintains some high-quality taste on overall basis. The same flavor can be made at your home with a mere amount of $5 and the quantity is almost the double compared with what you might get from the markets.

This machine is sent from seventh-heaven as it allows you try out various flavors that are not available inside the markets very easily and at the same time costs almost half of the amount. There are various ice-cream makers that carry a combo mechanism which means that a user has the liberty to make ice-creams and as well as the gelato desserts which is indeed a great aspect to look at.

The average price of an ice-cream maker is around $300 depending on the brand you choose and its size in terms of its quantity in making a few quarts of ice-cream. This machine has the tendency to generate as much as 2 quarts of flavors at the most. The customers are going to love the fact that some ice-cream makers have ingredients calculator installed and you can easily keep an eye out on the sugar level and as well the number of calories to be given to your quart.

Use technology this way and embellish your life with something healthier and accurate. Get your hands on any ice-cream maker and make wonderful flavors out of it.

Human Genetics – Inheritance and Various Adaptions

The human body is a mixture of things you are gifted as inborn-talents or traits and appearances that are inherited from your parents. The human genetics is a study of all the characteristics that you exhibit because either of your father or the mother since both of them contributes to give birth to a child. Most of the times we are unable to highlight the traits that make us stand out in others and there comes a time when the same habits and body gestures are to be found within our parents. As of now, the study of human genetics has been able to find a sum of 10 different types and there are hopes for the new ones to be queued sometime soon.

The fun knows about what traits have you inherited from the father and others from your mother? It has been published recently in the books that some people even have an inherited way of smiling as their face exhibits the dimple that too in the same side as their parents had in their lives. The psychology states that your personality is classified into two categories, the heredity section and the other one which includes everything that only you exhibit in your life. Some people even state that your appearances and traits are because of the nature and nurture period as every child as an adolescent age.

The Most Common Scenarios of Human-Genetics

In some situations, the gene that you inherit from one parent might as well stop the other expression of the version of that same gene that you obtain from another parent. This is when the ‘dominant allele’ overlaps the expression of recessive allele. It would be appropriate to state that most of the humans would inherit two recessive alleles and this is how the confliction comes in between your body.


We can support the above stated regard from an extremely diversified example that is common in nature and happens all the time with humans around the world. Suppose, the father of the children has brown eyes and the mother has a different color i.e. electric blue. It is likely that you may end up with brown eyes and inherit your father’s eye color. Remember that your mother’s eye color is a great example of a recessive trait and although having the element of allele in your body, the darker eye color inherited from your father might overlap the characteristic of your mother.

The human-genetics is a profound element that is available in all the human-beings of this planet. It would be appropriate to state that ‘inheritance’ plays an important role in our lives as it identifies and associates us with our parents. It is believed that not all the personality traits and characteristics of a human being are inherited from his parents therefore; there are various qualities and gestures that are only available within you and are unique in nature. Some people might start exhibiting the inherited traits from the very first day of the life while others possess an opposite trend.

Empower communities with your investing

Every cent invested in the community goes to organizations which is used in  creating jobs, spreading education, building cost effective houses, protecting environment and various other social needs. Before lending to any organization, it is very much essential to screen each organization they lend to in order to test their authenticity.

Investments are usually made through small community channels like banks, loan funders, micro financial institutions and credit unions and is very closely tied to investing in the society which focuses on improving communities by offering loans to fund business, or any small scale industries or finance housing.

This kind of community investment comprises of different professional people and their actual responsibility is mainly to take care of community investment programs in the business setting. Hence, the main role of this kind of community investment is to provide an excellent platform for sharing and discussing best and not so encouraging practices, involve yourself in peer networking, concentrate on the personal development and then share their resources to enhance this kind of profession.

What is meant by Community Investing?

There are two major community investment channels – public and private community investment and these channels along with other not so well served communities in order to provide credit, training, capital, etc., to these communities would surely lack otherwise. Community investment serves a lot of initiatives and some of the major areas it helps to finance are as mentioned below -

  • needed services like healthcare, accessibility to food, education, availability of job openings, affordable living, easy access to transport, child care and many more.
  • Economical developmental activities like development of infrastructure and creating job avenues.
  • Communities which are sustainable and mixed use or income growth, community focussed environmental systems.

These community opportunities are available at various levels where investors and institutions such as community banks,credit union banks are very popular amongst investment options, but the opportunities to invest in different investment options like private and public are easily available and you have to make your exact choice.

Why do you need community investment?

  • The tools and skills that are provided by the community investment programs provide individuals or organizations which are used to improve the quality of life, family communities and many more.
  • If you need the right path for ownership of a property, then you should be choosing community investment.
  • The investment strategy is modified to such an extent that it is very convenient to individuals as well as communities.
  • You can also avail networking opportunities with other corporate funders and develop a close partnership, discuss any upcoming issues, take care of real time problems with innovative tools and action plans.
  • A growing market definitely exists for community investment programs which supports varying returns in the financial outcomes with a series of impacts on the community.
  • There is an immediate impact on federal welfare programs when people gain better economic access in the community, with the increase in total domestic product, wealth and production.

A paradigm shift from hospital to community

Community city center aims to provide excellent healthcare facilities to the people in the community center. The plan is to build all kinds of healthcare facilities in the same community center so that people living in and around this facilities can make use of it easily without having to rush to the far off hospitals during emergency conditions or rush through heavy traffic.

There is a panorama shift from healthcare in hospitals to healthcare in communities and city centers are planning for making the healthcare experience much more convenient, cost effective and available to all classes of people.

However, healthcare services are not absolutely free, there is a nominal fee based on individual member’s or family monthly income.

What does city center has to offer?

City center aims to build healthcare facilities which can provide you low-cost healthcare help. The amount is not the same for everyone. How much you pay really depends on how much salary you earn monthly.

  • Prenatal care
  • baby shots
  • flue shots
  • general care and primary care facilities
  • referral to speciality cares like drug abuse, mental healthcare, HIV and many others

Community healthcare in the city center gets funds from:

  • Individual or family payment for service
  • They usually have tie ups with Medicare, Medicaid and many others.
  • They also pursue state and federal agencies, corporations and foundations for funds.
  • Besides this, if people are willing to donate for the betterment of the society, then they are heartily welcomed to do so.

Healthcare as an organization

Healthcare facilities usually accompany various other coordinating departments like pharmacies for medicines, surgery center, inpatient, outpatient, emergency room, banks for payment, restaurants, physiotherapy, councillors and many more.

This healthcare facility accompanied by variety of these departments are known to be called as organization. Within this organization, a huge team of healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, technicians, pharmacists, etc work like a close knit family.

Sometimes all the drugs you need may not be available in the local pharmacies. In such cases, they do have tie ups with other pharmacies at different locations. With the advancement in technologies these days it is very easy to get the communication channel set up very quickly.

With just a note or a phone call we send an urgent message, and receive their response in no time. This way the teams are highly dedicated to get the work done for the betterment of the patients.

Quality service received by patients

City center hospital does not discriminate between the patients who pay more or less. It aims to provide high quality and reliable medical services. Every member is planned to commit providing safe and comfortable experience for the admitted or outpatient patients.

People who are jobless and coming from outside the community center apartments will be allowed to receive free or very low cost medical services along with the medications they need all depending upon their affordability.